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Note: We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice.

Contact us for referrals to trusted legal service providers.

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FRONTERIZO FIANZA FUND -- Helps pay and post immigration bonds. Bonds in the immigration system are extremely expensive (minimum $1500). Posting bonds allows people to be with their loved ones, increases their chances of success in court, and prevents families from falling victim to predatory lenders. We are always fundraising: donate to help us grow our fund!

REMOTE TRANSLATION -- We administer a team that can translate documents to English for use in immigration court at no charge. In some instances, we can also provide voice interpretation (only outside of court proceedings).

IN-PERSON VISITS -- We can go to speak with detainees in person in West Texas and New Mexico (or find long-term visitors through our friends at CIVIC). Detention centers in our area include the El Paso Processing Center, Otero County Processing Center (Chaparral), West Texas Detention Facility (Sierra Blanca), and Cibola County Correctional Center.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT -- Have you suffered abuse by immigration or jail authorities? Do you need information about the detention system or help finding legal services? Are you trying to locate a detained loved one? We are a community collective that believes in showing our solidarity by actively supporting people when they need it most!

Referral list to service providers coming soon!


To report abuses at the detention centers, get help locating a loved one, or to refer a detained person:

please call or send us an email.

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